Photographers' Formulary 02-0119 Formulary Selectol 4-liters

by Photographers' Formulary

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  • Formulary Selectol, is a long-life, warm-tone, moderate contrast print developer similar to Kodak D-52 Selectol
  • Stock solution shelf life up to three months
  • Dry kit to make 4 liters working solution
  • Photographers' Formulary D-52 Selectol paper developer is a long-life developer specially designed for the development
    of warm-tone papers. It produces the same pleasing image tone and contrast as Kodak Developer D-52. It remains clear
    during use, and has high development capacity and good keeping properties. Since the development activity decreases very
    slowly with use, constant image tone is easy to maintain. For the creative photographer, darkroom enthusiast, and
    professional photographer Photographers' Formulary provides options for photographic work you have heard about, but
    until now you did not know these options were available in easy to use kits. To help expand your possibilities for
    photographic creativity and excellence, we offer bulk chemicals (over 200 in stock) in any quantity, plus classic
    formulas and printing processes, and kits for the most up-to-date film emulsions for holography and T-grain


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