Kavo Style Self-power NEW Dental High Speed E-generator Fiber Optic LED Handpiece Large Torque Wrench Type 3 Water Spray 4 Hole (1 pc)

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  • Kavo style E-generator LED handpiece Professional LED light source, superior brightness, longevity 10000 hours.
  • Unique electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power Self-illumination without connecting circuit.
  • Perfect stable and reliable performance Wrench Type cartridge.
  • 135°C Autoclavable Triple water spray, more ideal cleaning effect.
  • High-grade material with a stylish design Warranty: one year for handle; six months for cartridge.
  • Technical Parameter:

    1. Head: large torque head

    2. AIR PRESSURE AT THE BACK END OF HP:250KPa--300KPa(300KPa preferred)

    3. AIR PRESSURE AT THE GAUGE IN THE DENTAL UNIT:277-316 KPa (2.8-3.2 kgf/cm2)

    4. WATER PRESSURE:198Kpa (2 kg)

    5. ROTATION SPEED:300,000-450,000 rpm

    6. HEAD HIGHT:14.5 mm( standard )

    7. HEAD DIAMETRE:φ12.5 mm( torque ) φ11.2 mm( standard )

    8. CHUCK TYPE: Wrench Type

    9. BUR APPLICABLE:φ1.59mm~φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm (diameter×length)

    10. NOISE:≤60dB

    Packing List:

    1.LED handpiece integrate E-generator: 1 each

    2. Cap: 1 each

    3. O-ring: 1 each

    4. Operation manual: 1 each

    5. Needle: 1 each