Audioengine D2R Wireless DAC Receiver - Black

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Product Description

Receives the audio stream transmitted from the D2 wireless DAC

Add up to 4 D2Rs to stream muisc in up to 4 locations (up to 100 feet away)

Analog and digital ouptuts

24-bit digital-to-analog audio conversion

The Audioengine D2R Wireless Receiver is designed to receive the audio stream transmitted by the Audioengine D2 wireless
DAC. You can add up to 4 D2R's total for streaming music from the Audioengine D2 DAC to 4 different locations up to 100
feet away, in your home. The D2R has analog outputs on the back for connecting directly to your audio systems analog
inputs. It also has an optical digital output for streaming the received signal in digital format to your favorite DAC.

What's in the Box: (1) D2 Receiver (1) Power supply (1) Detachable power cord, 1.5m (~5ft) (1) RCA audio cable, 2m
(~6.5ft) (1) Microfiber product bag