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UPC RBC24 Replacement Battery Cartridge

Product Description

Buy only Genuine UPC Products! Products manufactured by UPC says "Ships from and sold by" or "Ships from and sold by UPC" only!

Sealed and leak-proof battery made in America

Plug & Play with expected battery life of 3-5-years

Emergency power supply for computers, data centers, telecommunication devices and other electrical equipment

2-Year warranty included on all UPC-Branded Products if purchased directly from UPC or

Imported from USA

The UPC RBC24-UPC Precharged Replacement Battery Pack is designed for APC RBC24 UPS Systems and manufactured to OEM
specifications for uninterrupted power during power outages and other disruptions to the main power supply. This unit is
an emergency power supply for computers, data centers, telecommunication devices and other electrical equipment,
preventing the loss of data and productivity. Maintenance-free lead-acid battery is sealed and leak-proof with suspended
electrolyte and battery is pre-charged so it can be used immediately after purchase. This model comes complete with all
required connectors, cable, fuses and metal enclosures with no assembly required. "Plug and Play" and "Hot Swappable"
are compatible to simplify installation. 432 Amp Hour Capacity has an expected battery life of 3-5-years. Made in
America. Compatible with UPS Models: SU1400RM2U, SUA1500RM2U, DLA1500RM2U, SU1400R2BX120, SU1400R2IBX120, SU1400R2X122,
SU1400RM2UX93, SUA1500R2X93, SUA1500R2X180, SUA1500R2X122, SUA1500RMI2U. Enclosed battery cartridge. Operating
Environment: 32-104 degree F (0 - 40 deg. C). Storage Temperature: 5-113 degree F (-15 - 45 deg. C). Operating
Elevation: 0-10000 Feet (0-3000 Meters). The UPC RBC24-UPC Precharged Replacement Battery Pack comes with a 2-year
limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. UPC guarantees that prior to installation
or use, the battery's state of charge has been maintained at a level equal to or greater than the minimum level
considered necessary under industry standards. For more than 10-years, UPC has been a supplier of replacement UPS
batteries for many of the branded battery companies in the United States and Canadian IT markets. Includes all required
connectors, Battery recycling guide, installation guide, and reusable packaging.