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Ladder Golf Bola Set, Pink

Product Description

CONTENTS: [1] Set of 3 Official Ladder Golf brand Ladder Ball hard bolas

DESIGN: Official regulation length and weight

Made with real golf balls and a specially designed brass insert

Each player needs their own color of bolas; For use with Ladder Golf, Ladder Ball, or Ladder Toss Game

Available in 10 Different Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Silver, and Black

Imported from USA

The more the merrier! Invite another friend or two to join you in a fun game of Ladder Golf by adding another set (or
two!) of bolas! Each player needs their own color of bolas (3 bolas per set), so the more colors of bolas, the more
players can play! These bolas feature our new and improved rope length of 12 inches, specially designed brass inserts
and are made out of real golf balls. Designed for the official Ladder Golf© game but will work for any Ladder Toss game!

Order the Official Ladder Golf brand bolas today and don't be fooled by all the cheap Ladder Toss knock-offs that you
see. We started the Ladder Golf company in 2003 and have been building quality games and accessories ever since. Join
the countless others that play on the official Ladder Golf brand products. Thank you in advance!