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CRS Whistles Metal Whistle with a 19" Lanyard Perfect for the Coaches, Referee, Football Coach, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lifeguard Protect Yourself for Storm Safety, Survival, Emergency

Product Description

Loud for a lifetime of practices, games, gym, walks, runs, recesses or we will send you a new one

Any teacher, ref, or official needs one of these official sports kit or with their game jersey

When you want attention this whistle will deliver and you will not be disappointed

A black lanyard with j-clip is included with each cork pea whistle

Features a bold, crisp sound, very easy to blow, blast carries over long distances

Imported from USA

Loud for a lifetime of practices, games, walks, runs, recesses get attention. Now you need a quality whistle: - coach -
referee - gym teacher - recess worker - lifeguard - run or walk at night - protection from dogs - worried about falls at
home - walk alone in the woods this whistle is loud this is not a cheap plastic whistle that is easily broken. This is a
high quality metal whistle that is made to last a lifetime of daily use. When you want attention this whistle will
deliver and you will not be disappointed. You don't want to be in a situation and not have the whistle deliver. You will
not have this problem with our whistle. The lanyard is great since it has j-clip on it, easy to take the whistle off
should you need to. The lanyard is 19 inches so that is conveniently placed just above the belly button. You will feel
safer running, walking, hunting, or camping with this bad boy at hand to call attention should something happen When you
are coaching a hoard of little kids, and at times this is the only way to get their attention. If you have older
parents, they can wear this whistle to get help if they have fallen or in distress. Made to last for a lifetime of daily
use - nickel metal with cork pea - 19 inch black lanyard with j-clip click the button at the top of this page to get
attention now.