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Genji Goose tournament Champion-Gold Shuttlecock

Product Description

Genji Sports Goose Tournament IBF quality shuttlecock (12 pcs/tube)

Durable goose feather shuttlecock

Same quality as other brand name products at much lower price

12 shuttlecocks in a tube, sealed with aluminum foil inlay tube

This order for one tube (12 pcs)

Imported from USA

About the Genji Champion-Gold Shuttlecock: "IBF" quality tournament-grade goose feathered shuttlecock, speed 77, white
colors. Made in Taiwan, 100% quality control, Satisfaction guaranteed. General Specification: * IBF Quality for
International tournaments for high level match play * 12 shuttlecocks in a canister tube * Long lasting durability *
Selected grade durable goose feather * Aluminum foil inlay in tube to retain humidity