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Product: 713785

Generic SFR1M44-FU 1.44MB ABS Floppy Drive Emulator Machine For Industrial

This product is currently out of stock.

Product Description

44MB ABS Floppy Drive

Imported from USA

Use normal usb flash drive as the medium for transfer design, support FAT16/FAT32 format.
34pin floppy driver interface,5V DC power supply,easy to install.
Capacity:1.44MB 2HD Cylinders:80 Tracks:160 Sectors/Track:18 Bytes/Sector:512 Data
transfer rate:500 kbps
Encoding method:MFM.
1.44MB built-in flash memory,with FAT12 format,used for cache data from usb flash drive.
Within 1.44MB capacity of Files in root directory or 999 folders can be searched.
Long file name and 4-level directory in 999 folders supported.
Jumpers with function for different machines.
100 disk image file supported.(used for machine with non FAT disk format,example for make boot disk)
When no usb flash drive pluged on emulator:
Left button used to rise ten-digit,right botton used to rise single-digit, press 2 button together to rise
hundred-digit, when the hundred-digit is 'b' the image mode used.
When an usb flash drive pluged on emulator:
Left button used to transfer data from built-in memory into usb flash drive, right button used to transfer data from
usb flash drive into built-in memory.
This floppy drive suit for the following devices:
Embroidery Machine,electronic organ,Computer-controlled sewing machine,Machine tool and so on.
Interface:USB port,4 pin power plug (Power),34 pin plug (Standard floppy drive)
8segment numbers: represent folder name
Green led:status of read and write operation
USB port:connect usb flash drive
Housing Material:ABS
Size (L x W x H):Approx.12.3 x 10.1 x 2.4cm

Package Included:
1 x USB Emulator
1 x CD
3 x Screws