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ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser with Free Water Quality Meter

Product Description

ZeroWater's premium 5-stage filtration vs. competitor's 2-stage filtration

Certified by NSF to reduce Lead and other heavy metals

Removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids, 2X more than leading brand filters

Free Water Quality Meter included to test your water. BPA Free

One-handed push and pour spout

Imported from USA

"ZeroWater's 23 Cup Water Filtration Dispenser is great for in home or small office usage. The sleek design includes a
one-hand, push and pour spout that allows you to dispense water into your cup or favorite water bottle without any
lifting. The 5-stage filter transforms your tap water into delicious, TDS-free drinking water. All ZeroWater products
include a free Water Quality Meter to test your water to ensure the highest quality filtration on the market. Get more
out of your water with ZeroWater's 5- Stage Water Filtration.

5-Stage Filtration:

Stage 1 - Removes suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudyStage 2 - Removes
additional suspended solidsStage 3 - Removes organic contaminants; pesticides, herbicides, Mercury, Chlorine,
Chloramine, and stops bacteria from growingStage 4 - Removes inorganic compounds i.e. metals, nonmetals and radiological
contaminants.Stage 5 - Removes remaining suspended solids, holds the resin in place

What is TDS:

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refer to minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride and runoff polluting
your drinking water.

ZeroWater Technology is the only water filtration system to remove 99% of TDS, equivalent to TDS in purified bottled

Get more out of your water with ZeroWater's Premium 5-Stage Water Filtration."