PUR W10186667 Push-Button Refrigerator Water Filter

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  • Fits refrigerators with a push button in-grill water filter
  • Refrigerator brands include Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air
  • Replaced regularly, PUR water filters reduce contaminants to provide clean, fresh tasting water and ice
  • Reduces lead, cysts, benzene, and other contaminants, reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Does not remove beneficial fluoride from drinking water
  • Provides 100 gallons or up to 6 months of clean filtered water and ice per filter. Fits all refrigerators with a Push
    Button In-Grille water filter. Compatible models are as follows: Kenmore® T1KB1, Kenmore® T1KB2, KitchenAid® T1WB2,
    KitchenAid® T1WB2L, Whirlpool® T1WG2, Whirlpool® T1WG2L, Whirlpool® T2WG2, Whirlpool® T2WG2L,Whirlpool® P1WB2,
    Whirlpool® P1WB2L Kenmore®, KitchenAid®, and Whirlpool®are registered trademarks of Whirlpool® Corporation

    Product Features

    • Removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), and reduces many other
    contaminants like 97% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals. 1
    • Fits refrigerators with Push Button In-Grille water filter and may be used with FAST FILL water
    dispensing systems. 2

    Product Features


    Filter Technology

    Contaminant Reduction Leading Pitcher Filters PUR® Refrigerator Filters



    Microbial Cysts


    Mercury yes yes

    Turbidity (cloudiness)