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Product: 714436

Jungle Jim Best Set of 3 Exercise Loop Bands (Light, Medium, Heavy) for Strength Training Speed Agility & Toning Core. Compliment Pilates Yoga P90x Crossfit; Physical Therapy on Leg and Arm Exercisers - Wonders As Butt Leg and Thigh Lifter

Product Description

Compliment your exercise program with these loop bands to strengthen, tone & increase flexibility in legs, arms, hips, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and many other muscle and joint areas of your body.

Set of 3 different resistance level bands. Color coded like a traffic light; Green is LIGHT resistance to start; yellow is MEDIUM resistance for proceeding with caution; and red is HEAVY resistance for stop and consider that only large and strong muscle groups should be used with this band.

Backed by LIFETIME warranty. No questions asked.

Manufactured with the best quality of latex material, and less expensive than competing brands.

Take on trips to exercise in privacy of hotel room, and also a great tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation of injuries.

Imported from USA

Set Of Three 10"x2" Jungle Jim Loop Bands

Great for Exercise * Fitness * Toning * Flexibility * Physical Therapy * Rehabilitating Injuries

Set includes:
* 1 Low strength green band
* 1 Medium strength yellow band
* 1 Heavy strength red band

This loop band set uses the best quality latex, like the more expensive comparable products on the market. These top
grade bands are built to last and maintain their elasticity over many years.

These bands are great for travel and exercising in the privacy of your hotel room.

Do physical therapy strengthening exercises for:
* Legs Shoulders
* Knees
* Arms
* Ankles
* And Many Other Muscle and Joint Areas of Your Body.

By increasing resistance levels through band colors, this set makes strength and flexibility progress easy to achieve.

They are a complimentary tool to use for Yoga, Pilates, and Insanity workouts.

This set of 3 bands is suitable for men and women. It's a great gift to give your friends and loved ones that want to
get into better shape. They are so light and portable, you can take them anywhere to exercise.

Buy With Confidence! Our Product Comes With A 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back!

Buy now to get started with the Best Resistance Bands to get fit!