Monster Movie Masks - Molding & Casting Latex Masks

by Artmolds

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  • Learn the secrets of how the award-winning Hollywood special effects artists make great looking latex masks & special effect props. Special effects artists Omar Sfreddo & Anthony Giordano introduce you to mold making, casting and demonstrate the art of creating full head latex monster masks. Teaches: • Preparing clay walls • Creating the plaster mold • Building pry points • Demolding • Pouring the casting • Demolding the finished mask •
  • Instructional, Film, TV & Radio
  • Mask Making Series
  • Animation, Special & Visual Effects
  • Mask Making
  • Special F/X artists Omar Sfreddo and Anthony Giordano collaborate to demonstrate how to make molds and cast those great
    full head latex masks you see in the movies. Even if you are a beginner you can create superior masks of which you can
    be proud. This not a sculpting video, rather it is a mold making and casting video that shows you how to make a mask of
    your monster sculpture. See Trailer here: