FURY Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain 5.75-Inch with Pressure Tip

by Ack

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Product ID: 714639


  • Lightweight aluminum keychain designed for self defense
  • Handcrafted with lightweight aircraft aluminum making the ideal Self Defense Keychain SDK
  • Designed in the USA the Fury SDK is the top selling force multiplier on the market
  • Finger grooves for better control and grip and includes keychain loop
  • Measures 5.75 Inch and only weighs 2 ounces will not add stress to your keychain
  • The Fury Self Defense Keychain (SDK) from Joy Enterprises provides a discrete and easy to use tool for self-defense. The
    lightweight, aluminum keychain has finger grooves for a secure grip and control. When carried in the hand, attackers are
    unlikely to see your self-defense weapon. The key chain can be jabbed or stabbed to key parts of an attacker's body,
    causing non-lethal shock and pain to ward off the attack. The included key ring attachment allows you to keep your keys
    and self defense all together. Always check for the engraved FURY logo to insure the purchase of genuine product.


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