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Purse Rack Over the Door Closet Organizer 2 pack for Bags & Handbags. Best Bag Holder Storage for Purses with Doors Crossover System with a Hook for Each Bag.Ideal Organization instead of Hangers

Product Description

STAY ORGANIZED: The Handbag holder is perfect for storing all your handbags, bags, purses, hats and scarfs. Clutter-no-more! Find your belts, bags and hats where they belong and enjoy your new closet organizer system.

EASY TO USE: No assembly, the over the door organizer comes with hooks and attaches easily. Your closet organization can start immediately.

MORE ABOUT: The purse storage straps have 8 hooks each and are adjustable to accommodate larger bags and holds up to 8 LBS bags. Door organizers generally can be bulky but the Jokari is best to keep your closets spacious and comfortable to move in. Excellent for small closets as well.

We offer 100% Satisfaction guarantee for all our products. Join our family of Kitchen Gadget loving customers and have some fun.

Imported from USA

Can't find your purse? Your designer bag is all scratched up?

No fear here is your solution to your problem: Our Over the Door Purse Rack by Jokari

* It isn’t much fun to not find your bags when in a rush and in need to get out of the house fast. Our motto is, put the
handbag where it belongs, grab it and go and don’t arrive late to meetings or other very important appointments.
* Handbags contain our daily needed possessions, do we really need to make it difficult by hiding them from ourselves.

Enjoy life and organize and have fun doing it. Approach organizing with a sense of pride for using the right organizer
to handle your clothing and purses.