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Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid (Right Handed Golfer)

Product Description

Quiet the Hands & Wrists While Chipping. Very effective for the chipping yips

Cure Your Slice by Eliminating 'Casting' with Instant Feedback

Achieve a Natural Setup Position Across All Clubs to Improve Ball Striking

Instantly Switch Clubs on the Range or Course with NO Tools, Clamps, or Fasteners

Knock strokes off your game for less than the price of one round of golf

Imported from USA

The Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid - As Seen on The Golf Channel, CBS, TNT, Direct TV and ESPN. The Tour Angle
144 is a seemingly simple device, that has fundamentally improved the golf swings of thousands of amateurs and
professional golfers throughout the country...and the world! IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT USE THE ENCLOSED DVD: Full Training
DVD video available to stream online. Direct Message us with your Order# and we will send you the video link. The Tour
Angle 144 teaches you to set a consistent shaft to forearm angle for every club in your bag. The shaft to forearm angle
of amateurs can vary greatly, versus professional golfers who average 144 degrees. This natural address position is what
makes a professional look so comfortable in their address position, and is what you can learn to feel every time you
setup to the golf ball. By setting this fundamental angle, your body automatically achieves a proper position in terms
of spine, arm and club orientation. Golfers at any skill level can learn, or fine tune the following elements of their
swing: Natural and Powerful Address Position - One Piece Takeaway - Delayed Wrist Break - Proper Impact Position -
Eliminate Unnecessary Wrist Action- Whether your on the course, range, or in your living room, just keep the Red Arm
touching, and the Tour Angle will naturally and gently guide you into perfect posture, a one-piece takeaway, a delayed
release, and notify you when you "cast" the club . This results in a more powerful and consistent swing with EVERY club
in your bag. The Tour Angle is also used by Pro's to fine tune their chipping stroke, and can instantly cure the
"Chipping Yips" Like Top 100 Teacher Steve Bosdosh says: "It's amazing what this thing can do for a swing!"