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IZZO Golf Izzo Smooth Swing

Product Description

Promotes a proper one-piece takeaway; arms and body in sync

Helps keep back elbow close to the body during swing

Tune a more efficient swing to improve accuracy and distance

Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers

One-size-fits-most; constructed of stretchable, neoprene material

Imported from USA

Keep your body and arms together for a more efficient swing while improving accuracy and distance with the Izzo Smooth
Swing trainer. It's for both right- and left-handed golfers, easy to use, and great for range work.


* Keeps your body and arms together for a more efficient swing
* Helps you improve accuracy and distance
* For both right and left handed golfers
* Easy to use
* Great for range work

About Izzo
Prior to 1991, millions of golfers had to endure the pain of shouldering a bag on a single strap for 18 exhausting
holes. Feeling their pain, T. J. Izzo sought to eliminate fatigue by creating the Izzo Dual Strap System. This simple,
brilliant innovation made walking the course easier, golf more enjoyable. In fact, Frank Thomas, technical director of
the USGA, hailed the Izzo Dual Strap as one of the four greatest innovations in modern golf. Today, 100 percent of all
carry bags use a dual strap, and millions of golfers are enjoying the walk thanks to Izzo innovation.

Now, charged by that spirit of innovation and a quest for quality, the Izzo Product Development and Quality Teams, all
avid golfers, apply their unparalleled knowledge and passion for the game to deliver unique, superior quality products
that can help every level of golfer.