Odyssey Divine Pink Blade Putter (Women's, Right-Handed, 33 -Inch, Steel Shaft)

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Product ID: 716955


  • Soft finish creates a beautiful, elegant look that will appeal to a wide range of women golfers
  • Divine Insert has slightly softer than White Ice and a little firmer than the White Hot XG
  • Provides the feel and roll preferred by women during research and testing
  • Optimized Head Weights heavier putterheads enhance feel and control
  • 2-Ball model features adjustable weighting with three interchangeable options to dial in the perfect feel
  • Rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset. A new line of putters designed
    specifically for women. With softer aesthetics, ideal headweights and a new insert developed from women’s preferences
    during testing, the Divine Putters have everything women need to sink more putts from anywhere on the green.