Borla 140407 Aggressive "ATAK" Cat-Back Exhaust System

by Borla

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  • Borla
  • 140407
  • Mount an offensive to regain optimum acoustics with Borla ATAK cat-back systems. Your modern musclecar will not only be
    performance-enhanced but also acoustically tuned to a loud aggressive exhaust note making those of you who prefer the
    sound of your exhaust over your stereo very happy! ATAK (acoustically tuned applied kinetics) technology produces the
    highest dB levels avoiding distortion to retain clarity. Tuned like a graphic equalizer these cat-back systems are
    custom-tuned for your specific vehicle delivering the most desirable sound to your ears. Plus you retain all of the
    power-adding capabilities of Borlas multi-core design. These systems are handmade in the USA by master craftspeople from
    premium 300-Series high-quality austenitic stainless steel and ultra-smooth mandrel-bent piping. Bolt on the finest
    craftsmanship unmatched performance and intoxicating sound with Borla ATAK cat-back systems. Cat-Back ATAK System; Incl.
    Connecting Pipes/Mufflers/Mounting Hardware/4.5 in. Round; 5.75 in. Long; 2.5 in. Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Tip;
    Split Rear Exit;


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