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Rain Bird 22SAH Mini Rotary Pop-Up Spray, 180° Half Circle Pattern, 18' - 24' Spray Distance, 4" Pop-up Height

Product Description

180° half circle pattern rotary sprinkler head with 4" pop-up height

Reduces water use up to 30% over pop-up sprinklers

Multiple rotating streams gently distribute large droplets to water uniformly and resist windblown overspray

Slow distribution rate of 0.6 inches per hour is ideal for newly seeded areas, slopes and hillsides

Extended 18' to 24' throw covers more area with fewer sprinkler heads to reduce system complexity

Pressure-activated wiper seal and closed case design protect mechanism from creeping grasses and sandy soil

Imported from USA

Rain Bird 22SAH Mini Rotary Pop-Up Spray, 180° Half Circle Pattern, 18' - 24' Spray Distance, 4" Pop-up Height. The Rain
Bird 22SA Matched Precipitation Rate mini rotary sprinkler provides: highly uniform water distribution, an increased
radius range up to 24’, and a remarkably low precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour reducing water use up to 30% over
traditional pop-up sprinklers. The secret is in the nozzle's visually-appealing, rotary multi-stream action. The water
delivery is gentle enough for newly seeded areas yet covers more area than standard pop-up sprays. Water and nutrients
penetrate the soil saving water, money, and helping maintain a healthy landscape. Ideal for slopes and hillsides the
nozzle's highly-efficient water delivery reduces soil erosion and runoff. The extended spray distance covers more area
with fewer heads per zone to reduce system complexity and cost. The 22SA’s nozzle produces larger water droplets than
traditional pop-up sprinklers to resist wasteful windblown overspray. It’s engineered to operate at lower pressure while
still delivering precise even coverage; a perfect solution if you experience low water pressure. A protected closed-case
design makes it ideal for "creeping" grasses, sandy soil, and other harsh surroundings. The water-lubricated rotating
stream operation is quiet and maintenance-free. Other features include: 4" pop-up height, and color-coded cap for easy
pattern identification. Highly-efficient performance is maintained throughout the 20 to 55 PSI pressure range, with no
misting or fogging at high pressures. Simple to adjust: insert flat-head screwdriver into the cap to turn the concealed
stainless steel screw for precise distance adjustment from 18' to 24’. The 22SA’s matched precipitation rate even allows
it to be used in the same zone as conventional Rain Bird pop-up sprays. Includes removable 200 mesh screen to protect
nozzle against clogging. This 22SA sprays a half circle pattern; also available (sold separately) in: full (22SAF),
quarter (22SAQ), and 45° to 270° adjustable (22SA-RVAN). Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water"