Fabulous Antique Decorative 24X15 Polyresin Hand-Painted Wall Clock w/Tassels - Silver & Gold

by Lisheng

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  • Retro looking Polyresin wall clock in antique brown & gold colors
  • Two dangling tassels for added style and beauty
  • Modern quartz movement for precision, reliability
  • Powered by a single AA battery (not included)
  • 13-inch clock face diameter; 24-inch full length (with tassels)
  • A good clock should do so much more than tell time. As Lisheng's round wall clock ticks and tocks, it elevates any
    setting with antique looks and intricate design work. But it is a lot more modern than it looks. Made of cast high-grade
    polyresin, our wall clock is built from the inside out to work flawlessly and up to par with all of today's
    specifications.Precision timekeeping comes thanks to a reliable quartz movement, and the exquisite
    paint job is protected with a thin lacquer to turn the clock into a family heirloom.

    Part of the design detail is two crowns, cast above and below the bezel. Two attractive tassels dangle below the Lisheng
    clock's face. These add approximately 10 inches to its vertical length, lending it more true-to-time authenticity.
    Finish it off with era-specific numerals and a Silver & gold-colored seconds hand, and the end result is an ornate wall
    clock with all antique looks and all modern guts.

    Here's how to turn an ordinary room into a stately one: Order our round wall clock in antique Silver and gold, pop in a
    single AA battery (not included) into the compartment in the rear, hang the clock in a conspicuous manner, and watch the
    clock work its wonders on your décor.


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