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Rain Bird CNV182EMS Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Conversion Kit, 1800 Series Pop-Up to 6 Drip Emitters with 1/4" Tubing

Product Description

Kit converts a pop-up sprinkler spray head into a water-saving Drip emitter system

Waters flower beds, shrubs, and other garden plants with pinpoint accuracy

Greatly reduces weed growth by watering only where you want and need it

Includes retro-fit conversion head with pressure regulator, filter and 6-port manifold

Replaces Rain Bird 1800 series without digging; other styles of pop-up sprinkler heads with 1/2" bottom inlet will require digging

Reduces water use up to 40% compared to spray irrigation; requires capping other heads in zone

Imported from USA

Rain Bird CNV182EMS Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Conversion Kit, 1800 Series Pop-Up to 6 Drip Emitters with 1/4” Tubing.
Kit converts underground sprinklers in landscaped areas to water-saving Drip irrigation emitters. Easily installed in
minutes, this kit waters flower beds, shrubs, and more with pinpoint efficiency. All-in-one unit provides 30 PSI
pressure regulation, and 200-mesh filter screen for optimal Drip system performance. Saving up to 40% over sprinkler
watering, Drip systems apply water directly to the root zone for healthier, faster-growing plants, longer lasting
blooms, and greener leaves. Since you won't be watering the surrounding soil, you'll also have fewer weeds to pull. In
most instances, owners of Rain Bird 1800 Series pop-up sprinklers (#1 installed sprinkler head by professional
installers) will make the conversion without digging. To install kit simply unscrew the old sprinkler head, screw on the
retro fit head and manifold, attach tubing to manifold and cut to length. Insert chosen emitter into end of tubing; use
stake to hold tubing and place near the root zone of your plants. Each retro-fit conversion head will replace pop-up
sprinklers with a 1/2” threaded bottom inlet. Dig out old sprinkler and thread on retro-fit assembly; flush system to
remove any debris before adding tubing or emitters. Each kit contains (1) pressure-compensating 6-outlet manifold, (1)
1800 retro-fit spray head with filter and pressure regulator, (1) 50’ roll of 1/4” Drip distribution tubing; (6) stakes
to hold tubing and direct the flow at each plant (3) 1.0 gallon per hour black emitters, (3) 2.0 gallon per hour red
emitters. You can cap off any additional unused spray heads using Rain Bird’s model 1800CAPS (sold separately). Rain
Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”