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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated Guide)

Product Description

Imported from USA

4-page laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use mail, calendar,
contacts, and tasks features of Microsoft Office Outlook 2013. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply
an easy to use reference guide, for any type of user.

The following topics are covered:

Mail: Displaying Mail Folders; Hiding/Displaying: Folder Pane & To-Do Bar; Creating and Sending a Message; Attaching a
File to a Message; Showing BCC; Sending a Message with High or Low Importance; Requesting a Read or Delivery Receipt;
Drafting a Message; Delaying the Delivery of a Message; Restricting Forwarding, Printing or Copying.

Quick Filters: All and Unread; Reading Messages; Using the People Pane; Manual Send/Receive; Using the Outbox; Using
Desktop Alerts.

Deleting Messages; Saving an Attachment; Removing an Attachment; Replying, Forwarding, Printing a Message.

Sorting Messages; Grouping Messages by Conversation; Ignoring a Conversation; Cleaning up Redundant Messages; Turning
Grouping On/Off; Finding Mail Messages; Using Task Flags; Creating a Folder; Favorite Folders; Moving or Copying
Messages; Using Quick Steps; Creating a Contact from a Message; Creating a Distribution List; Creating an E-Mail
Signature; Manually Inserting Signatures; Using the Rules Wizard.

Using the Out of Office Assistant, Handling Junk Mail.

Calendar: Setting up Your Work Week; Viewing the Calendar; Creating Appointments; Creating, Scheduling and Editing
Meetings; Repeating Appointments or Meetings; Responding to Meeting Requests; Changing Time or Date of
Meeting/Appointment; Viewing Multiple Calendars; Creating a Calendar Group; Printing the Calendar.

People: Displaying People; Creating & Editing Contacts; Linking Contacts; Deleting a Contact; E-Mailing a Contact;
Searching for People; Connecting to a Social Media Site; Viewing Social Media Updates; Merging with Contacts.

Tasks and To-Do Items: Displaying To-Do and Task List Folders; Creating Tasks; Marking Complete; Adding Messages or
Contacts to the To-Do List, Changing Task Order; Assigning Tasks; Viewing To-Do Items in the Calendar; Hiding
/Displaying Tasks in the To-Do Bar; Printing Tasks

For Any Outlook Item: Deleting Items; Assigning an Item to a Category; Sorting by Category; Sorting Items; Creating a
New Calendar/Contact/Task Folder; Sharing Calendar Contacts Tasks or Notes using an Exchange Server; Using Another
Person's Calendar Contacts Tasks or Notes Folder; Responding to a Sharing Request; Using the Reading Pane.

Also includes a list of Keyboard and Selection Shortcuts.