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Bodum Shin Cha 34-Ounce Glass Tea Press with Stainless-Steel Filter

Product Description

34-ounce glass tea press for loose teas and tea bags

Borosilicate glass body and handle; stainless-steel lid and infuser; plastic knob

Patented system stops brewing when tea is plunged so tea is not bitter

Brews tea at preferred strength without a need to remove the infuser

Safe in the dishwasher

Imported from USA

A lovely way to brew tea to your exact preference, the Bodum Shin Cha tea press combines elegant shaping with crafty
functionality. The spherical glass pot features a stainless-steel plunge infuser inside and a stainless-steel lid. Fill
the infuser with loose leaf or tea bags, add hot water, wait the desired amount of steeping time, then plunge. The
plunger pushes the tea below the infuser holes, so brewing stops on a dime and tea does not oversteep to the point of
bitterness. To clean up, the unit goes safely in the dishwasher. With its glass spout, body, and handle, the Shin Cha
showcases tea colors beautifully but does require somewhat careful handling. For total break-resistance, check out
Bodum's Assam tea presses in cast iron. --Emily Bedard