RazorTM RipStik - Green

by Ripstik

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Product ID: 718424


  • Razor Ripstik Green Caster Board Skate Board
  • Razor Punk Skate Board Ramp
  • Razor Punk Rail
  • Razor Ripstik Replacement Wheel Set - Green
  • Great Gift for Birth Day or Christmas.
  • The new Ripstik combines all the fun and excitement of surfing and snowboarding and puts it on wheels. Inspired by the
    classic shape and design of a skateboard, the Ripstik looks like something out of the future.

    Instead of the traditional four-wheel skateboard, this amazing board can make smooth, quick 360-degree turns on just two

    Just stand on the sturdy traction plates and subtle movements propel the Ripstik even up a hill!

    The front and rear flexible panels are controlled by a spring-oriented bar located on the top of the wheels. The rugged
    polyurethane wheels are 77mm/85A with ABEC-5 bearings.

    Separating the two traction plates is a padded rubber carrying handle. Measures 33.5" long x 10" wide.

    Weighs 8 lbs.

    Wear helmet and pads for safety.


    - Razor Punk Ramp

    - Razor Punk Rail

    - Razor Ripstik Replacement Wheel Set (2 Wheels)