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Product: 718839

King Silk Art, 100% Handmade Suzhou Silk Embroidery, Framed Art 13x13 inch - Colorful Surgeonfish 32032BF

Product Description

King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality embroidery artwork with real and long-term value and a fascinating history with 2500 years of tradition.

A wonderful gift for all occasions. The handcrafted workmanship and natural materials are exquisite with remarkable detail.Colors just glow with the sheen of real silk.

New customers are surprised by the craftsmanship and vibrant colors of the embroidery when they open the package.Web photos can't capture the magic,in person,the artwork looks even better!

Art Story: In Feng Shui fish in water are a emblem of wealth. In the Chinese and Japanese wall art world fish art paintings are the luckiest of Asian Decoration

12"x12" with mat only; 13"x13"x0.8" with mat and frame. The actual embroidery size will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching,but look more beautiful & attractive in real.

Imported from USA

King Silk Art makes silk embroidery wall art, 100% hand-stitched by Master Artists in Suzhou, China. Our artwork, Susho,
is completely natural, created with tiny needles and pure silk thread. Susho is a 2500 year old family tradition, with a
unique and fascinating history.

This artwork is from our Master Quality Collection. Professional Susho artists train for 18 years to become Master
Susho artists. A single silk thread can be split into 16 strands by these talented artists. A Susho artist stitched this
work using 4/16 strands of the silk thread. Artists layer stitches to blend color and create texture; this work has 6-17
layers of stitches. It took an artist 3-5 months to hand-stitch this embroidery.

In Feng Shui, nine fish swimming in water are a charm for a happy family life. Endless wealth, endless good health and
endless family unity.

In Chinese culture, the number nine is the luckiest of numbers, the king of the single digits and the favorite number
of the Emperor. Nine represents the best of everything, the royalty of numbers, eternity.

In Mandarin, the pronunciation of the word "Fish" is very similar to "Savings". Fish symbolize wealth, and reinforces
the Chinese cultural emphasis on the benefits of frugality.

In both Chinese and Japanese culture, maple leaves are the emblem for lovers. The sweetness of the sap is comparable to
the sweetness of love. In the context of a family, maple leaves represent family unity.

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes ease, the freedom to swim anywhere smoothly and effortlessly. In combination with other
objects, like fish, water means that the other benefit should come easily, without delay or obstacle. In this case, a
powerful, wealthy and happy family.