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Product: 718840

Makeup Brushes Set -'Instinct' - 7 Pce Travel Kit Beautifully Packaged in a High Fashion Leopard Print Makeup Brush Cup Holder. An Essential Collection of Best Synthetic and Natural Fiber Brushes - Foundation, Contour, Concealer, Powder, Fan, Eyeshadow and Lip Brushes Each Designed to Deliver a Perfect Makeup Application and Flawless Finish Every Time. Bring Out the Animal in You and Crown Yourself Queen of the Vanity Jungle. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Product Description

No More Streaky Makeup - Only Flawless Perfection at the Stroke of a Brush. Contour -Shape - Define. Fashionable Leopardprint Makeup Brush Tube - Goes Wherever You Go - You Never Need to be without your Brush set Ever Again - Knowing your Brushes Set is easy as each brush name is printed on the handle.

Makeup Face Brushes take all the guesswork out of makeup application. With a quality makeup kit you will find you won't use as much product as you would when using your fingers. You'll be saving time and money......time because your makeup brushes apply your product in a smooth even finish the first time - no need to go over and over smoothing out the streaks that you get when you apply your makeup with greasy fingers - and you will be saving money because you will use less product.

Ask any makeup brush professional and they will tell you that the answer to achieving a fashion magazine look is a quality makeup kit. Your makeup brush holder includes, Foundation Powder, Fan, Contour, Brow, Eyeshadow, Blending, Brushes

All Your Brushes in One Place - Safe and Secure - No Need to Rummage in the Bottom of your Handbag looking for your missing brushes. There is plenty of space in the brush holder to fit your reading glasses so you don't have to carry a glasses case

Use Your Instinct and Bring Out the Animal in You - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Imported from USA

Friday morning - end of the working week - woo hoo.

Off to the gym before I head to work. I always feel so much better when I have done my aerobics class - and I need to
feel good today because I have so many things to do. Lucky I have my Instinct makeup brushes set with me - all the kit I
need whether I have to do the whole make over or just a repair job.

I carry my Instinct brush set with me wherever I go - it doesn't take up much room in any of my bags and the cylinder
has enough space to add a mascara, lip gloss and my favourite foundation.

Really busy day today - meeting a new client this morning and lunch with the girls from my previous job. Haven't seen
them for ages. Need to look my best.

Quick shower, makeup in place thanks to Instinct, and heading off to the office.

Must have made a good impression with the new client - he has chosen to sign up with our company and my boss is VERY
happy . Always pays to keep the boss happy.

Nearly time for lunch - can't wait to see the girls - a quick trip to the bathroom and a freshen up of the makeup - the
foundation brush is my favourite - the product goes on smooth and flawlessly - there's enough blush on the brush to
highlight the cheeks and set the look off with my favourite lip gloss.

What a reception!!! How many times do you want to hear 'Wow, you look fabulous - your makeup looks
fantastic'.....personally, I don't get sick of hearing that! 'What's your secret? What makeup brand are you using?' - I
just smile and say - 'I just use my 'Instinct'!

Back at work, the day gets even better - Boss must have been REALLY happy because he has given me a pay rise - the first
thing I am going to buy is another Instinct Brush set - One for home and one for carrying in my bag.

Yes - my Instinct never lets me down.