ASUS V451LA 14-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)


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  • Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6 GHz
  • 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 14-Inch Screen
  • Windows 8, 5-hour battery life
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    ASUS VivoBook V451 – The Touchscreen that Responds to You

    Featuring an intuitive 14” HD touchscreen that’s 150% more responsive than industry standards, the ASUS VivoBook is the
    ultimate mix of performance and style. The 1” body is slim – even with an optical drive – and the brushed metal finish
    provides a durable, fingerprint-resistant design that’s unique. The VivoBook fits comfortably in your hand so you can
    maximize your computing experience while on the go.

    Features At-A-Glance:

    * 4th generation Intel Core i5-4200U processor delivers superior power efficiency and performance needed for all your
    daily tasks
    * Intuitive 14” HD (1366*768) touchscreen built for an incredible Windows 8 experience
    * Premium brushed metallic texture with a Chiclet keyboard offering high durability and an elegant look
    * Ultra-slim, highly portable 1” design, while featuring an optical drive and large speakers
    * Instant On: ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II delivers a 2-second wake up from hibernate mode and worry-free auto data back
    up when battery level falls below 5%

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    Comfort and Style – On the Go

    The sleek design features a slim but durable body that’s been treated with a brushed metallic surface. Even with an
    optical drive, the VivoBook is an ultra-thin 1”. So it can slip easily into your backpack, briefcase or tote bag. The
    rounded edges are inspired by book binding, making for a comfortable in-hand feel. So you can carry it on the go. And
    the inside is just as beautiful. The keyboard blends seamlessly into the body for a solid feel and a layout that
    prevents dust and debris. With its ergonomically designed Chicklet keyboard, you’ll be comfortable and typo-free even
    after long stints in front of the computer.

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    The World at Your Fingertips

    The VivoBook features an all-new glass panel for a smoother and more accurate response to your finger. With
    high-sensitivity actuators, you can select what you want every time without delay as the touchscreen boasts a response
    time that’s 150% faster than industry standards. Swipe through panels, select apps from the Windows Store, write with
    clarity and draw with ease — all by the touch of your fingers. You’ll never need a mouse again.

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    Power That Lets You Do More - Longer

    Use the VivoBook instantly, anytime you want it. Powered by a 4th Gen Intel Core processor, the VivoBook is faster than
    ever. So you can open several apps, multiple web browsers and not worry about lag. On top of that, ASUS’s Super Hybrid
    Engine II technology wakes the computer from sleep mode in 2 seconds and provides up to 14 days of standby time. Also,
    don’t worry about losing data; the VivoBook automatically backs up everything when the battery life falls below 5%.

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    A Better View of the World

    Featuring Splendid technology, the VivoBook fine-tunes images to whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re watching a movie
    or looking through a photo album, it will adjust the picture’s color balance, accuracy, and sharpness. So your images
    will pop with crystal-clear clarity and vibrant colors.

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    Bringing Sound to Life with ASUS SonicMaster

    ASUS’s team of sound experts has engineered SonicMaster technology for the best possible audio from build-in speakers.
    Featuring large-diameter sound chambers — all within the thin frame — the VivoBook allows sound waves to fully expand
    outward. This results in true-to-life sound with reduced distortion. Bass is deeper and richer, while delivering a
    smoother audio that’s easy on your ears. With AudioWizard, the VivoBook offers five modes that fine-tune your listening
    experience — whether you’re streaming an album, watching your favorite movie, or playing the latest video game. Now you
    can hear every note and make out every word, all in high-fidelity surround sound.

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    Your Own Cloud: Access Anywhere, Any Time

    Every VivoBook comes with 3GB of ASUS WebStorage. Store and share anything you want — photos, music, movies, documents
    — and access it instantly. With the MyBitCast App, you can update and sync your data with all your devices. Now your
    content can be accessed through your phone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. No more clunky external hard drives. If
    something happens to your computer, your data will be resting safely in the cloud.


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