Le Petit Tennis Net 10ft Portable

by Le Petit Tennis

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  • Tennis Net Extreme Portability 10ft (3m) for QuickStart Tennis 36 ft courts
  • Super Light (7 pds) designed for ultra-portability
  • Super fast and easy to set up and to fold
  • Comes with a carrying bag - Adjustable net height for younger children
  • 10FT well adapted for drive ways - Designed by Jean Fleurian (Davis Cup Player)
  • An easy to set up 10ft long net that your children will love to use. 10ft is the perfect size for using in smaller areas
    or driveways. You will love this net if you have a smaller playing area or drive way. This is the perfect net for
    driveway playing. The length of the court which you should use that net with is 36ft (from one base line to the other
    baseline). This 10ft portable tennis net was designed for Le Petit Tennis women coachs who were complaining about the
    weight of portable nets from other brands. The LPT 10ft super light net weight a mere 6.5 lbs and so easy to be carried
    around. Super fast to set up and to fold. No tools are needed. Professional quality, the net comes complete with a
    carrying bag and instructions. The height of the net is adjustable (siding side sleeves) to accommodate younger
    children. Product: dimensions Length 10FT x Height 2.9 FT. Nylon melsh net. Lightweight and portable. Weight less than 7
    pounds. Designed by Jean Fleurian (Winner of World Tennis Davis Cup) for driveway playing. (NOTE: for USTA or ITF
    competition official size net, consider ordering the Le Petit Tennis 18FT NET as it is an official competition size net.
    Check under Le Petit Tennis products for the 18ft portable net) BALLS: We strongly recommend that you purchase the
    companion award winning inflatable tennis balls: "My First Tennis balls"' which are the most amazing balls for allowing
    young children to immediately succeed in rallying. Once they master the "My First Tennis Balls" get the Le Petit Tennis
    FOAM balls which are nicely over sized and are the next speed step. These balls are used in Europe on 36ft courts. Once
    the children start to rally well then the natural progression is to use the Le Petit Tennis Red (Stage 3) balls, which
    are the balls that are used in official USTA or ITF competitions on 36ft courts.


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