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Star Wars Science Multicolor Lightsaber Room Light - Uncle Milton

Product Description

Feel like a Jedi and learn how electronics make a lightsaber work as you construct your own version of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker!

Use remote control to activate bright LED light and awesome sound effects!

Choose from 8 different blade colors - or activate the color-changing mode!

Science learning poster connects the lightsaber technology of the Star Wars galaxy to Earth's electricity, lasers, plasma and the mix of colors in light.

STEM: Geology, Electronics. Physics, Optics

Imported from USA

Awesome Lightsaber Room Light with sound effects! The final challenge in becoming a Jedi Knight is to build your own
lightsaber. With the Lightsaber Room Light, young Padawans can construct their own Jedi lightsaber and mount it on their
wall. Choose from eight awesome color effects using the remote control.

Mounts to wall

Awesome Lightsaber Room Light mounts on your wall!

Construct a lightsaber

Learn how electronics make a lightsaber work as you build one.

Lightsaber Construction
For a Jedi, the possession of a lightsaber is considered a sign of great skill and connection with the Force. During the
Padawan stage of their Jedi training, young Jedi are sent off to build their lightsabers. The construction of a
lightsaber can take a while to complete. One must find a crystal and ensure that the lightsaber is ready for battle.
There are different types of crystals including Ilum, which are the most common, and synthetic, which are typically used
by darksiders.

"Lightsabers" on Earth
A laser is a powerful ray of light that moves in one direction. It is created when a surge of electricity causes a
crystal to produce light. The light from the crystal bounces between two mirrors and then goes through a small hole in
one of the mirrors to produce the laser beam. A laser can come in many colors, just like a lightsaber. Plasma is the
fourth state of matter. The other states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is made when a gas reaches a very
high temperature or when electricity moves through the gas. Plasma is similar to energy forming in the lightsaber blade.

Electric Power
The crystals in a lightsaber focus the power cell’s energy charge into a blade of pure power. On Earth, electric power
like the lightsaber’s power cell is part of our everyday lives. Without it, many of the things we count on would not be
possible. Electricity: A complete circuit is needed for an electric current to flow. There are three parts needed to
complete the circuit – a conductor, a source to drive the power, and the object that needs to be powered. An example of
this is a light bulb. When a light is turned on, the electricity passes through a filament in the bulb and when it gets
hot it glows white. With the flick of a switch electricity can be turned on and off. Batteries: There are many things
that need an electric current to in order to work. A battery is a great source of electricity. Most batteries stop
working after a long period of use, but some are rechargeable, like those in electric cars.

What's In The Box?
Lightsaber hilt, lightsaber blade, battery pack, electronics pack, remote control, wall mount, mounting hardware, and
fun and informative learning guide with instructions.

8 colors

8 different color effects plus auto-spectrum mode!