Rainbow LED Fiber-Optic Flower, set of 2

by Flashing Panda

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Product ID: 720115


  • Every sale is for a pair (2) of same color flowers, random color. Vase not included. All flowers light up the same - multicolor.
  • Dozens of fiber-optic strands run through the stem, as wains throughout all leafs, and all around.
  • 8 light-up modes - 7 solid colors and Rainbow! Push-button switch on the base - press to turn on in next mode, then off...
  • Batteries installed in the base (3 x LR44 / AG13) - unscrew bottom lid to replace.
  • 12" total height; Weighs .7 oz; 8 light-up modes; Random flower colors.
  • Truly amazing item. You won't be disappointed with this flower! Great by itself, mind-blowing in a bouquet. Hand these
    out to each member of your party; use in a vase or glass as a table centerpiece; use as you wedding bouquet; or add one
    or more to a regular bouquet to light the bouquet up. Available in Random Colors: Pink; White; Red; Blue; Purple. (All
    flowers light up the same - see below. The flower petals, how ever, come in a variety of colors - see photos.) Light-up
    Modes: Blue; Green; Red; Blue/Green; Green/Red; Red/Blue; Red/green/Blue; Rainbow - cycles continuously through all the
    color combinations. (All flowers, regardless of color of the petals, have the same 8 modes of operation. Keep pressing
    the button to cycle through the various modes.)


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