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Iron Man (Marvel Animated Series)

Product Description


Imported from USA

Marvel Anime: Iron Man is an appealing episodic reboot of the venerable Marvel Comics franchise, and part of a wider
anime collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and the popular Japanese animation studio Madhouse. The live-action
Iron Man features serve as the launching point for this 12-episode series, which finds Tony Stark (voiced by Heroes'
Adrian Pasdar in the English-language dub) in Japan, constructing an Arc Reactor station that will provide limitless
worldwide energy, as well as a new prototype armor, Iron Man Dio, which will allow him to gracefully exit the superhero
business. Both plans turn sour with the arrival of the Zodiac terrorist organization, which commandeers both the Dio
suit and the station for its world-domination plans. In his pursuit of Zodiac, Stark is pitted against the group's giant
robot warriors, as well as a long-lost figure from his own past. Rendered in the bold and often striking animation by
which Madhouse has earned its reputation, Marvel Anime: Iron Man is also action packed throughout its 12 episodes, and
hews closely to its comic legacy thanks to writer Warren Ellis, who weaves appearances by established figures from its
canon like Pepper Potts, Chika Tanaka, and even Wolverine (voiced by Pasdar's Heroes costar Milo Ventimiglia, who
reprises the role for the Wolverine anime series) into the story. If there's any complaint to be had, it's the relative
facelessness of the Zodiac, which pale in regard to nefariousness when compared to such veteran Iron Man villains as
Ghost, Whiplash, or the Mandarin. Otherwise, Marvel Anime: Iron Man is a visually exciting, fast-paced, and welcome
addition to the Iron Man universe. The two-disc set includes both the English dub and original Japanese audio track
(with English subtitles), as well as a smattering of making-of featurettes, including interviews with the animation team
and Japanese cast. --Paul Gaita