Motorcycle Racing CNC Gold Front & Rear Wheel Axle Fork Crash Sliders Cap Protector Fit For Honda RC51/RVT1000 SP-1/SP-2 00-06

by Luo

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  • 6061 Aluminum alloy after CNC Machined + Anodizing & Plastic
  • Brand-new Front & Rear Axle Fork Carsh Sliders Set ; Quantity:1 Set (Front & Rear) with install screws
  • Great Impact Strength and Abrasion Resistance , Protect your forks / swingarm in the event of a crash ; In the event of a crash, there is no need to replace the entire set.
  • Patented revolutionary two-piece design, Vortex Aluminum Slider Bases accept Vortex Slider Pucks
  • Color : Same as the picture
  • These axle/fork sliders from LUO protect the wheels, caliper and rotor during a slide and are specially made for most
    model. The fit and finish of these sliders are of very high quality. This kit is for the front fork axle and comes with
    all necessary bolts and washers.Frame sliders supplement but don't replace these reinforced pieces. Their hard nylon or
    plastic ends can be replaced in the case of a crash. On a street bike, the common through-the-body sliders will protect
    your paint during a low speed crash or a tip-over. But at race speeds the longer sliders can do more damage than good.
    It's simple physics. Longer sliders will put a greater torque on the frame they are designed to protect when a crash is
    at high speeds. They can turn a low-side into a high-side as your sliding motorcycle leaves the pavement and the longer
    sliders plow into the dirt to launch the machine airborne.


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