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Product: 721296

UPG UT6.5L 12N6.5-3B Sealed AGM Power Sport Battery

Product Description

Completely maintenance-free design and function and there is no need to fill with electrolyte

Will not leak, even in an upside-down position

With its sealed design, gases recycle internally during operation or charging

Increased cold cranking performance resulting in better, more consistent starts in all kinds of weather

This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Imported from USA

UPG 12V, 6.5 AH Powersports Battery is a perfect replacement or upgrade for your stock motorcycle or powersports
battery. The sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology is an advanced, maintenance-free technology. This type of
battery will not leak and provides a higher cold cranking amp rating for a reliable start even in the coldest of
temperatures. The battery will come ready to go right out of the box to power your motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft,
or scooter.