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Gila Heat Shield 5% VLT Automotive Window Tint

Product Description

Two Year Limited Waranty, deep dyed technology for the longest color retention

Keeps the vehicles interior cooler

Rejects up to 94 percent glare

Visible light transmission 5 percent

EZ mount adhesive

Imported from USA

Gila’s Heat Shield Auto Tint is a great solution for keeping your car cool, comfortable and looking great. Manufactured
in Gila's state-of-the-art factory in Martinsville, VA the Heat Shield series utilizes a heat-blocking metalized layer
to reflect away intense heat and glare. A cooler car means using less AC and, therefore, saving money on gas. The Heat
Shield Series will look great for years with its scratch resistant coating and deep dyed color. It won’t turn purple or
clear over time like cheap imitations. And with Gila's EZ Mount adhesive and your careful installation it will not
bubble or peel over time.

Easy to installEasy to install

Easy to Install

Gila Auto Tints are easy to install. It's recommended to watch Gila's installation video to learn tips and tricks.
But of key importance is utilizing plenty of Gila application solution to keep the film and window wet during
installation. Do not attempt to install the film dry or with plain water. The wetter, the better. The application
solution lubricates the film so you can “slide” it to the correct position. Then the solution helps to remove air,
dust, and dirt when you squeegee down the film. Install when ambient temperature is between 45 and 90 degrees F and
avoid direct sunlight. You have 24-48 hours to fix any imperfections. Simply peel back the film being careful not to
tear or crease it, clean away the imperfection, and remount. After 24-48 hours the film is bonded to the window.

Please check your state tint laws prior to purchasing. In some instances it may be beneficial to use lighter tint on
the forward side windows and darker on the back side and rear windows.

Note on Rear Windows

Heavily curved or domed rear windows found on many sedans can be difficult to tint using a solid sheet of film. Try
utilizing one of Gila's rear window kits (sold separately) in these cases which allows you to install the film in strips
that are easier to manage. For flatter rear windows such as those found on trucks, SUVs or crossovers you should have
no issue using any of the Gila films.

Standard Adhesive vs. "Peel and Cling" (aka, Static Cling) Tints

Most Gila Auto Tints utilize Gila's EZ Mount Adhesive to bond to the window which provides near perfect visual clarity.
Peel and Cling films utilize static to bond to the window and are 7 times thicker than films using adhesives. Because
of that you may find a slight haziness or visual distortion with Peel and Cling tints. Both install exactly the same
way and are equally durable. Peel and Cling tints have the added benefit of being removable and reusable.