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Product: 721621

Onaroo Night Owl Portable Night-Light with OK to Wake!

Product Description

Soft night-light with three soothing colors: yellow, blue and pink; cool led lighting generates no heat and even turns on automatically during a power outage

Glows green in the morning (an optional feature that is parent-programmable for any ''ok to wake'' time) when it's ok to come see mom and dad

Remains lit all night on ac-powered base, without draining any battery power

Portable When removed from the base Night Owl runs on battery power; Turns off automatically after thirty minutes

Includes us-spec 120v ac adapter with tree branch base and instruction manual; requires three ordinary aa batteries (not included); runs for approximately three months between battery changes with typical use

Imported from USA

American Innovative is a Boston-based designer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products. Onaroo is American
Innovative's branded line of "Smart products for children and their parents."The Night Owl Portable Night-Light lives in
its AC-powered tree branch base or runs on ordinary AA batteries when removed for portability. Night Owl glows softly at
night in yellow, blue or pink (easily selectable by you or your toddler). Toddlers can take this cuddly friend beneath
the covers or to the potty. Best of all, Night Owl features "OK to Wake!" Night Owl glows green in the morning at a time
that parents specify (optional). Kids take pride in waiting for the green light before they come visit you in the
bedroom with the knowledge of a job well-done. OK to Wake! works - kids are excited to wait for the green light while
parents get some extra shut-eye. No sealed rechargeable cells to wear out! Night Owl features a unique dual-power
arrangement for maximum longevity. When Night Owl is placed on the tree branch base (included), power is drawn from the
wall and the batteries are not drained at all. This dual-power arrangement maximizes battery life while still providing
a portable friend that your toddler can carry wherever they go. Three ordinary AA batteries (not included) are required.