• All 6 Simpson family members playable.
  • 6 levels of wacky arcade action each featuring different Springfield locations.
  • character specific power ups and objectives.
  • Storyline follows annual Tree House of Horror episodes.
  • Imported from UK.
It's Halloween and the Simpsons' souls are trapped at the base of Bart's tree house. Before it's too late, guide the characters through seven levels of arcade action--all the way to the top of the tree where the souls can reunite with the bodies. (Sufficiently weird?) Play as all five Simpson family members and, along the way, outsmart Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner and Moe. Games include Nightmare Cafeteria, where players must work to free imprisoned students before the teachers eat them. Other games have players fighting zombies, vampires and other creepy characters. The game play is difficult--health depletes too fast, getting shots to hit enemies is too hard, and creatures are hard to see in the dark scenes. The creepy music, sounds and theme are great, but ultimately not enough to make you stick with the game. Manufacturer's Description -------------------------- It's Halloween, and the Simpsons have been telling each other spooky stories in the tree house. The last person to recite a story was Homer, but he kept getting muddled up with his tale and forgetting the important points. As a result Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Marge fall asleep, followed by Homer nodding off whilst trying to work out how the legless horseman could actually ride a horse in the first place ("...wait a minute, maybe it was the headless horsemanzzzzzzzzzz..."). While the family are sleeping they experience a group out-of-body experience, which draws their spirits into the world of the Treehouse of Horror where every day is Halloween. The Simpson family's souls are trapped at the base of the tree, and the only way to escape the twisted dimension is to climb back up and re-enter their sleeping bodies so that they can wake up to November 1. In order to scale the tree, the family must overcome the nightmares that lurk in the haunted tree's foliage...