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TPI Corporation 188TASA Fan Forced Portable Heater - Milk House Style Fan, 1500/1300W, 120V, Durable Winter Care Accessory. Genuine Heating Equipment

Product Description

Fan Forced Heater: milk house style heating equipment features temperature control thermostat and comes with a triple safety system: tip-over switch. An automatic reset type limit control comes with thermal cut off device. Other features are fast startup and quiet operation in an attractive design

Portable Electric Heater: easy to carry and lightweight fan heater that can be used as air circulator, drier or heater. Portable heating equipment is ideal for travel purposes and are suitable for area heating, spot heating or freeze protection.

Easy to install: heater offers DIY installation flexibility and is ideal for small spaces with low traffic such as bedrooms, workshops, laundry rooms, garages, warehouses. The electric room heater ensures even distribution of warmth from floor till ceiling. Space heater with long life expectancy has adjustable settings for desired warmth and comfort.

Innovative Design: compact structure heating equipment weighs 9 pounds. The 120V, 1500/1300 W heating device is a commercial and industrial use heater. The user-friendly utility heating equipment comes in a convenient packaging and has a space saving and robust construction

Care Tip: wipe the electric heating device with damp cloth every day or use a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Wait for the heater to cool after switching off before cleaning

Imported from USA

The TPI Corporation 188TASA fan forced portable heater can operate at 1500W or 1300W, and has a steel milk-house style
fan and enclosure suitable for small indoor spaces. The enclosure has a handle for portability and a wire screen for
safety. The unit includes a thermostat for adjustable temperature control and can operate with the fan alone to provide
air circulation without heat. It has an automatic reset type limit control and a thermal cutoff device for overheat
protection, and a tip-over switch to disable the heater for safety. It includes a 6’ long, three-conductor power cord
and is wired for 120V for compatibility with most standard circuits. The unit weighs 9 lb. and is compliant to standards
for use in the United States and Canada by United Laboratories (UL).

Electric heaters generate warmth through a central heating element that is housed in a reflective enclosure that
concentrates the energy produced. An element made of a combination of metals produces heat or infrared energy by the
electrical resistance created when an electric current passes through it. Fan-forced heaters pass air over the heating
element to expel heat from the enclosure for greater throw and circulation. Radiant heaters do not use a fan, but warm
nearby objects through energy transfer. A heater’s voltage and wiring should be matched to the electrical circuit where
it is to be used. Heaters are used in a range of commercial applications that include shop floors, construction sites,
and industrial buildings. All local electrical codes should be followed when installing permanent mounted electric
heating equipment.

TPI Corporation manufactures industrial and commercial electrical heaters, process heat ovens, ventilation products and
fans, lighting equipment, and thermostatic controls. The company, founded in 1950, is headquartered in Johnson City, TN.