Laurastar Magic S4e Ironing System

by Laurastar

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  • Reverse button. New-Button that allows you to change the direction of the fan by simply pressing it, to gain in efficiency.
  • Easy folding board with (6) height-adjustment settings-32-40-Inch for all ironing requirements.
  • Compact storage. Easy to move system thanks to its (2 pairs) of integrated wheels and its reduced size of 7.87-Inch when stored
  • Electric cable-Approx. (10) feet long
  • Swiss design
  • Iron any material, any garment and bring the world of professional ironing to your home with the Swiss-engineered
    Laurastar S4e Ironing System. With the iron's professional steam technology and silent blower/vacuum system that
    prevents creases, this ETL-approved ironing system is easy to use, saves time, and provides professional results every
    time you use it.

    Professional Iron Does the Work for YouThe Laurastar S4e Ironing System features a specialized iron with professional
    steam capability and manual release to produce the right amount of steam for the task. Steam is diffused at a constant
    pressure of 50 psi to produce 211 quarts of steam volume per minute for professional ironing quality.

    What's more, a unique heating and cooling system makes the steam ultra-fine and double-volume to smooth even the most
    stubborn wrinkles. Manual release buttons are conveniently located on both sides of the iron to accommodate both right-
    and left-handed users.

    Double volume of extra fine steam for a lasting result that leaves no damp traces.

    A constant pressure of 50 psi produces 211 quarts of steam volume per minute--the result is professional ironing

    Professional and Softpressing
    Soleplates provide long-lasting
    results for a variety of fabrics.

    Two Soleplate Options for the Best ResultsThe Laurastar iron arrives with a Professional Soleplate that is designed to
    provide long-lasting results by efficiently heating, smoothing, and then cooling fabric in a single movement. The
    rounded shape of the soleplate makes it possible to iron in any direction without creasing. Additionally, the
    soleplate's specially placed holes quickly heat fabric, the smooth base eliminates any wrinkles, and the wide shape
    cools the fabric, effectively fixing fibers in place. The iron's heating time is approximately five minutes.

    A Softpressing Soleplate is also included with the S4e Ironing System, allowing you to reduce the surface temperature of
    the iron without changing your settings. Useful for delicate or dark clothing, the Softpressing Soleplate won't stick to
    your clothes or create unwanted sheen.

    Useful for delicate or dark clothing, the Softpressing Soleplate won't stick to your clothes or create unwanted sheen.

    The vacuum function holds garments in place,
    while the blower function helps position clothes.

    Active Board for Effortless and Effective IroningThe ergonomic Laurastar active board incorporates a two-speed, silent
    blower/vacuum system to create perfect pleats, prevent creases and seam marking, and immediately dry fabric. This
    patented MAGiiC technology automatically engages as soon as you pick up the iron.

    Silent blower and vacuum from the two-speed board for cold, crease-free ironing.

    With one switch, you can use either the vacuum function, which holds garments in place on the ironing board, or the
    blower function, which helps position clothes on the ironing board. You can also increase the power of the blower
    function with the boiler fan switch. And a reverse button on the iron itself allows you to change the direction of the
    fan to gain efficiency.

    Quality Cover to Protect the BoardThe Laurastar ironing board cover makes your ironing more efficient, comfortable, and
    practical. The cover's specially designed materials are ideal for the active table, allowing just the right amount of
    steam to pass through. The colorful fabric is machine washable and fastens easily to the board.

    System has a slim storage width and six height-adjustment settings. View larger.

    Stores Easily and Adjusts to Fit Your NeedsThe Laurastar S4e Ironing System has a slim storage width of 7.87 inches for
    fitting in the smallest of spaces. Attached to the board is a safety box, which keeps your still-warm iron
    well-protected, so it's easy to keep all the system's parts together. What's more, the system folds and stores in less
    than a minute--simply fold up the board and roll the system to your storage space using the two pairs of integrated

    For further convenience, the Laurastar S4e Ironing System features six height-adjustment settings--ranging from 32
    inches to 40 inches--to make ironing comfortable for users of varying heights, whether standing or sitting. And with a
    10-foot cord, this system goes wherever you need it without requiring you to remove the 110-volt plug from your wall.

    System is easy to move thanks to two pairs of integrated wheels and a compact storage size of 7.87 inches.

    Foldable board with six height-adjustment settings for all ironing requirements.

    About LaurastarLaurastar is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative top-of-the-line ironing
    systems. Headquartered in Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland, Laurastar sees ironing as an act of really caring for fabrics.
    With over two million products sold worldwide, and with over 25% of Swiss households owning one of its products,
    Laurastar knows what it means to make everyday tasks easier for its customers. To do so, Laurastar offers increasingly
    effective ironing solutions that enable users to devote more time to their loved ones and to their leisure pursuits.

    What's in the BoxBoard, iron, cover, integrated Aqua S-Line filter, Aqua refill, Softpressing Soleplate, drain tray,
    cable holder, instruction manual, cleaning tool, warranty booklet, and water hardness test strip.


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