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Raymarine AIS100 Splitter
Raymarine AIS100 Splitter
Raymarine AIS100 Splitter

Raymarine AIS100 Splitter

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Raymarine Ais100 Splitter A80190

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Raymarine AIS100 SplitterSecond generation AIS antenna splitter for use with Class B AIS transceivers and Class A & B
AIS receivers.The AIS100 Splitter is designed to receive AIS signals and VHF transmissions simultaneously from one
antenna. FeaturesShares a single VHF antenna with Class B AIS transceiver (or Class A & B AIS receivers) and VHF radio
telephoneNear zero loss (~1-1.5 dB) - saves installing two separate antennasPriority given to VHF transmissionsLED power
and status indicatorSimple installationCompatible with any Class B AISFM split output