12-Digit 2-Color Printing/Display Commercial Calculator with Item Count Feature CANCP1213D


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Product ID: 753299


  • Sold Individually as 1 Each
  • 12 Digit Display - Dual Color Printing
  • Multiple functions for business or financial calculation.
  • Prints 4.8 lines per second.
  • Calculator runs on AC power.
  • 12-digit printing calculator is loaded with versatile features to perform almost any type of business or financial
    calculation. Design includes a 17mm fluorescent display and two-color ribbon printing. Print 4.8 lines per second.
    Positive numbers are printed in black, and negative numbers are printed in red. Functions include memory storage,
    independent memory with accumulation function, constant multiplication and division, averaging and pairing calculation,
    delta percentage calculation, up/off/down rounding, item count, markup, and markdown. Decimal positions are in add mode,
    0, 2, 3, 4, 6, +1, +2 and floating. Calculator runs on AC power.


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