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Product Description

T-11, Ukrainian can translate not only single words but also any text, sentences & phrases vice versa Ukrainian English and English Ukrainian. T-11, Ukrainian is 4 in 1 model: -Talking Text Translator; -Talking Dictionary; -Talking Phrase Book; -Talking Pocket organizer.

Speaks all Ukrainian and English Phrases of Self-Combintion in Text Translation, Words or Phrases in built-in Dionary and Phrase Book. Adjustable audio speed let you to hear the voice in a natural expression or a slower speed can help you to follow the voice Pronunciation. Recording your Pronunciation to match with the native speaker. 100% real human voice - English Pronunciation. 100% real human voice - Ukrainian Pronunciation

Zoom/Enlarge LCD. Other features of Voice Recorder, Scientific Calculator, Unit Conversions and Text Reader. 2pc. AAA batteries; 1pc. earphone; 1pc. User Manual; One Year Warranty.

English-Ukrainian Dictionary edited by V.K.Muller (60,000 headwords and 520,000 Translations); English-Ukrainian Dictionary by Oxford (52,000 head Translations and 400,000 Translations); English-Ukrainian Dictionary by Comet (50,000 headwords and 130,000 Translations); English-Ukrainian Juridical Dictionary (8,600 headwords and 50,000 Translations); English-Ukrainian Medical Dictionary (8,400 headwords and 28,000 Translations); English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Modern Abbreviations (7,200 headwords and 21,600 Translations); English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Economics & Finances (7,232 headwords and 75,000 Translations). Ukrainian-English Dictionary edited by A.I.Smirnitsky (55,000 headwords and 480,000 Translations); Ukrainian-English Dictionary by Oxford (41,000 headwords and 350,000 Translations); Ukrainian-English Dictionary by Comet (48,000 headwords and 150,000 Translations); Ukrainian-English Medical Dictionary (40,100 headwords and 160,000 Translations).

English Lessons and Inflections. -- 10 English Lessons and English Phonetic designed by professional English Teachers. -- 15 English Classic Novels with audio. -- 200 English Encyclopedic articles with audio. -- English Irregular Verb Dictionary 840 words. -- English Verb Conjugation 7,000 headwords. -- English Noun Inflection 30,000 headwords. -- English Adjective Inflection 12,000 headwords. -- English Synonym 15,000 words, Antonym 12,000 words. -- English Vocabulary, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEIC. -- English Tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Imported from USA

The T-11, Ukrainian is a revolutionary, expandable pocket TEXT Translator & Dictionary ! translates full sentences
from English to Ukrainian or Ukrainian to English with 70% to 100% accuracy..! The sophisticated algorithm is combined
with built in large amount of professional database.. hundred of thousands words and phrases This product is designed
for learners, travelers and business people regardless of your proficiency.. English speakers to learn Ukrainian or
Ukrainian speakers to learn English. It runs fully autonomously, no internet connection is necessary and can therefore
be used at any time & anywhere.