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Product: 753356

Ariic New Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Gun Scanner Scan for Android IOS Windows W

Product Description

Features:fit for Android+IOS7+Windows 1 using Bluetooth wireless transmission, indoor obstacle transmission distance of about 20 meters up to 100 meters outdoor accessibility. With transmission speed, error rate, the total number of scans and ID data storage and display functions, can be used as an ordinary scanner and barcode acquisition. Using one encryption technology, data security and reliability. 2 supports 20 barcode gun used simultaneously interfere with each other in the same range, each gun has a unique ID number, you can set 99 different ID. 3 wireless scanning guns and wireless receiving end automatically establish communication connections. 4 without any drivers, plug and play. 5 humane shape design, manual / automatic (no manual mode, you can automatically scan and upload the data) to select scan mode according to user needs, simple operation settings to meet the needs of different industries use to make up the process of using a wired scanner the inconvenience caused to you. 6 high-speed decoder capable of decoding speed, high reading accuracy, wide range (read 4mil-43mil density scan barcodes, adjustable according to customer requirements to 3mil, bar width up to 40CM, the amount of data 50 or more), to meet different user needs. 7 long time. The machine uses high-capacity lithium-powered, once fully charged, when used continuously for up to 48 hours. About 20 seconds into hibernation automatically shut down unused. 8 All hardware and software self-developed, non-common market to buy a third-party wireless module patchwork. 9 independent development determines its high cost, only the equivalent of an ordinary scanner price. 10 Simple setup and operation, without any drivers, plug and play, easy to use method to master. 11 using a large-capacity lithium-powered, no use automatic shutdown, long usage and standby time. 2 Dear customer, the market a lot of publicity using 2.4G (Bluetooth) wireless scanner obstacles transmission distance up to 500 meters

Imported from USA


Scanner Features

I. Normal mode: Normal mode is the real-time upload mode, scanning gun factory default settings before this mode, only
upload one sweep. Barcode scanner within the effective range, the successful barcode scanning immediately uploaded to a
Second, the inventory mode: This mode is simple inventory mode, the user only needs to scan 11 "inventory mode SET" bar
code can. In this mode, data is cached in the scanner (about 1000 or so) based on barcode data may be, need to upload
the scan is completed within the effective range of the receiver, "Data Upload" barcode to complete the scan 11. Need to
show the total number of barcode scanning 11 "amount of data" bar code, to be clear data, scanned page 11 "Clear Data

Third, Automatic Storage: After opening this mode, the scanner scans the effective range of the receiver is uploaded in
real time mode, beyond the reception range, the scanned bar code scanner is automatically saved to the inside, to be
returned within receiving range, sweep the instructions on page 11 of the "Data Upload" Oh, you can upload it to your
computer. Before the reception range of bar code will not be repeated uploaded uploaded.

Colour: White and Black

Package includes:(bluetooth adapter not including)

1*Bluetooth Wireless Code Barcode Scanner Decoder

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual