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CowboyStudio Mettle 400W Monolight Strobe Flash with Bowens Style Mount, Monolight, and Modeling Lamp

Product Description

One (1) 400 WS Flash tube

One (1) 10m (33') Sync Cord, 5m (16.5') grounded power cord,

One (1) 150w Halogen Modeling lamp, protective cap for flash tube and instruction manual.

Durable metal body, Built-in fan cooler

Automatic Power Release

Imported from USA

Flashes are used in photography to produces an instantaneous flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about
5500 K to help illuminate a scene. The 400 watt strobe is one of our most powerful strobe, good any situation that needs
a large amount of light. It is high quality and easy to adjust, both in position and brightness. It can act as a slave,
making this strobe easy to use in any environment.