Fancy Feast Seabass & Shrimp Appetizer in a Delicate Broth

by Fancy Feast

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  • Real fish or meat in every savory bite
  • Each appetizer comess in a delicious, delicate broth
  • Irresistible ingredients and flavor combinations
  • Wet your cat's appetite with a delectable appetizer
  • Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats - Cat TreatsYour cat always wants what you have, and although you love to share
    everything with your cat you also know that not everything you eat is good for her. Now you can give your cat the kind
    of variety you enjoy at mealtime with Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats. Wet your favorite feline's appetite with quality
    ingredients and savory flavor combinations marinating in irresistibly delicious broths. Indulge your kitty with Skipjack
    Tuna, Steamed Wild Alaskan Salmon, White Meat Chicken & Shredded Beef and many other tasty gourmet flavors..