Sun Safe UV Wristband (Purple with UV Exposure, 8 Inches)

by Goods For Giving

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Product ID: 757944


  • Sunscreen Band
  • Safe & Non-Toxic 100% Silicone
  • Works Dry or Wet
  • Monitors UV Exposure
  • Fun & Easy To Wear
  • In the warmer months, it is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun. But, how much sun is too much sun? And how often do
    we forget when we've applied our sunscreen or its effectiveness?

    The SunSafe bands are super cute and can be worn by any age group or gender.

    They come in different colors & sizes...
    Blue, Pink & Purple.
    Child 7" size & Adult 8" size.

    The wristband starts off clear in color, UV exposure changes the wristband to the color you pick above..then when the
    day is done it glows in the dark!


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