• INDIA's FIRST PORTABLE BATHROOM SOLUTION: With PeeBuddy Disposable female urination device, you now can stand and pee in any public toilet without having to worry about dirty toilet seats and UTI. No more squatting, crouching or wiping. Contains 10 individual single use funnels - which can be used and disposed off easily after every use..
  • STAND AND PEE IN DIRTY TOILETS: Ideal for use in dirty toilets while travelling (flights, train, highways) for work or leisure (treks, camping, hiking, marathons, road trips, events) or those with medical conditions (Arthritis, Pregnancy, etc.). New - Fresh - Clean funnel ready for use each time..
  • EASY TO USE & LEAK PROOF- Anatomically shaped to fit you! No Leak - No Spill - No Backsplash - No Overflow - No Mess. the long spout keeps your clothes and shoes clean! Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear as well. Say Yes to travelling with ease..
  • COMPACT & EASY TO CARRY: The female disposable urnation device's small, lighweight design allows it to fit easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. Convenient & Practical to carry everywhere..
  • RECYCLABLE WATER RESISTANT FUNNELS: 100% Recyclable, Nature Friendly. High quality water resistant coated paper is used to make the funnels..
  • Imported from India.
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PeeBuddy 20 Funnels Disposable Female Urination Device for Women | Recyclable, Portable, Leak-proof Stand and Pee…

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