Large Geometric Sloping Dish - Fusible Glass Slumping Mold

by New Hampshire Craftworks

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Product ID: 758553


  • Use your favorite slumpable kiln formed glass to form a unique creation that is all your own!
  • Mold measures approx. 10" Sq. x 3.25".
  • To use, simply pretreat the mold with kiln wash or nitride spray, and slump your prefused or sheet glass (cut to size) using a slumping kiln schedule.
  • We recommend using a deep slumping kiln schedule for this mold as follows: 150/300/0.15 - 300/1150/0.25 - 150/1340/0.40 - 150/800/0.10 - 300/100/0.00.
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