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3D Printer Software - Small Business Software Solutions - Netfabb Professional 5 - With 1 Hour Free Training

Product Description

NEW netfabb Professional 5 - Easy to use! The choice of the Professionals. Automatic Repair one-click button solution to fix our part with advanced and powerful repair tools. Undo-Button: reverse the changes step by step. Overall enhanced user interface and usability for more intuitive use.

Repair - Professional, fast, reliable and automatic part repair -even in most complicated cases; Professional macro-scripting of repair steps and automatic repair routines; Customizable repair scripts: e.g. reduce triangles, refine triangles, prefix & suffix tool to automatically name your parts etc.; Manual repair: determine precise repair settings; Remove parallel planes; Close holes; Fix flipped triangles; Stitch triangles; Remove double triangle; Remove degenerated triangles and surfaces; Remove tiny shells; Wrap: Get the out surface of model fast and reliable (create one single outer shell). A real time saver, if you have meshes with unwanted internal structures; Merge many shells into one shell; Remove overlapping triangles: Detect and select triangles which are overlapping. Doing this you can then extrude those triangles and smooth the mesh in this area. This will eliminate the overlapped triangles and close holes in your mesh.

Edit, design and mesh manipulation - Professional editing of triangulated files; Easy editing with transparent view and clip planes to access hidden areas and the inside of parts for editing; Most stable and reliable 3D mesh boolean on the market: combine and create new parts; merge, subtract and differentiate parts; Reduce triangles and file size (including a preview option); Refine and smooth the mesh; Remesh: create a completely new mesh of your part; Compare meshes with each other; Create Shells, hollow parts; Remove Self-Intersections; Remeshing: rearrange triangle; Extrude triangles and surfaces; Smooth triangles: Using an enhanced interface including a preview option you can smooth the mesh easily and fast; Retriangulation; Hollow parts; Cut parts; 3D Extrude: Now you can also scale ("extrude") your; mesh or selected areas of triangles in 3D, that means in all directions; Advanced cut tools; Split large parts; Z-Compensation: Implement an intentional antistretching in your model. A deformation often happens due to the laws of physics when the model is finally printed. With Z-Compensation you can counteract to this in advance and save printing material; Add and merge 3D text on parts; Extrude 2D images to 3D: Convert your pictures and logos into a mesh (emboss logos); Compare meshes with each other Remesh: create a completely new mesh of your part; Part library with predefined primitive and complex shapes. New primitives are: screw, nut, whistle, mold, gear wheel, grid rectangle, grid hexagon, grid cycle, hyperboloid, bitmap, height map, convex hull (packing wrap), brick, bracelet, vase and fractal; The primitives and geometric shapes in the part library are all adjustable; Surface smoothing; New renderer: Even files with huge triangle numbers are now fast displayed. You can now view textures in the Mesh Repair mode. In addition, you can make your part transparent.

Business workflow and process improvement - Macro scripting for machine-specific part manipulation; Integrated batch mode for autonomous repair, scaling, refinement, triangle reduction, part grouping and renaming of hundreds of files; Automatic creation of quotes and build reports including images and part properties; Quick calculations based on volume, dimensions and surface area for quoting, management and quality control; Quote quickly and accurately and get accurate part properties for accurate pricing; Define your own quote and report templates; Analyze part features to predict costs and build issues; Control all parameters related to costs, quality and process stability.

Slicing - Always create 100 % flawless slices - guaranteed; The netfabb slicing tool has been a separate add-on and is now fully included and advanced in netfabb Professional 5; View and export slices in many formats (see file format data sheet); Cut and boolean editing for slices; Integrated slice editor with offsets, filling, cutting and point reduction operations on slice level; 2D offset for slices; Apply calculations to slices; Convert slices back to triangulated meshes for quality control; Filling with hatch rotation; Review the slices slice by slice and save them in different formats; Supported slice file formats- SLI, CLI, SLC, SSL, SLM, CLS, USF, CLF, ABF, PNG,BMP, SVG, DXF, MTT and PS format.

Imported from USA

Netfabb creates 3d Printer Software & 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb Professional (version 5.0) is the
most easy-to use professional grade 3D printing software available in the market which can import and export content on
a number of formats in order to run and operate a wide range of 3D printers and additive manufacturing machines. The
software conducts file review, file fixing, mesh optimization and build setup to optimize quality control to minimize
failed builds and machine errors. netfabb Professional can be enhanced further by using it in conjunction with netfabb
CAD Import and/or netfabb Packing. Runs on Windows/Mac/Linux and available in English, German, Russian, Chinese and
Czech. The netfabb Professional is delivered on a USB dongle.