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Function Generator DIY KIT by JYE Tech FG085

Product Description

Generating continuous waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp (up and down), and Staircase (up and down)

Generating user defined arbitrary waveforms (AWG)

Generating frequency sweeping signals of selected waveforms. Start frequency, stop frequency, and sweep rate can be independently set

Generating servo test/control signals in micro-second resolution with user programmable pulse width, amplitude, and cycle

Frequency (period), amplitude, and offset can be incrementally adjusted with rotary encoder

Imported from USA

The FG085 is a low cost yet versatile function generator capable of producing signals of many different waveforms. As an
easy-to-use tool operation of FG085 is very simple and straightforward. It is an ideal test/experiment tool for
electronic hobbyists and students.

This is the kit version for paneled FG085. Special attention is required at installing the pushbuttons. Please read the
Assembly Guide carefully before starting installation.

Includes: Power supply and output cable