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Mexican Blanket

Product Description

Blanket size approximately 76" L x 53" W inches

Authentic Mexican Blanket

Made in Mexico

Thick blanket weighs 3.5 pounds

60% acrylic / 40% cotton

Imported from USA

Quality mixed fibers yoga blanket/mat. Very functional multipurpose blanket produced by the artisans at Sanyork Fair
Trade. Sanyork Fair Trade is an artisan CO-OP that provides well remunerated work to artisans in Guatemala, Mexico and
Peru. All products are hand made under fair trade standards and sold at direct prices to te end consumer. Artisans
benefit from above average remuneration for their work and a ntinuous and sustainable flow of orders to support their
families. Since these blankets are hand made they actually vary slightly in color and detail. Generally they are striped
with detail pattern between the lines. Fringe at the ends. They are color fast and dye batches vary from one week to the
next as they are produced by different families.